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Steve, Colleen, and Isaiah DeLoach in June 2010
June 2010

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Dear Friends of Guyana,
      I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones doing well, and enjoying the Holidays with Family and Friends. This is a WONDERFUL time of the year, and is perhaps my favorite time of the year ... just because of the wonderful family time.
      I realize it has been a while since I have been in touch. We have been busier over the past three months than I can remember in a long time. I am preparing a detailed report of everything that has been going on over the past 7 months or so, and will be sending that out in the next week or so. Once you get an opportunity to read it, you will see that we have certainly had a LOT going on.
      I mentioned to you about how this time of year is one of my favorites ... except for one thing ... funding. Historically, the last three or four months of the year are the hardest in terms of funds, and this year is no different. It seems that once we get through the holidays, we get back on track and are able to make it until the next holiday season.
      Over the past three months, we have had to take a voluntary reduction in my personal salary of about 25% ... for each month. This certainly makes the Holiday Season difficult for my family and me.
      Also, several months ago, we were approved for a Grant to help us with our work in Guyana. This Grant is a matching grant of $10,000 if we raise $20,000. In essence, it allows us to raise $30,000 toward the operation of our Ministry Center in Guyana.
      Shortly after the grant was approved, a Gentleman contacted us and told us he should be able to cover the entire amount of the grant. He told us that he would be able to make this donation by December 1st.
      Yesterday, they contacted us to tell us they cannot move forward with the donation. Due to new regulations within their industry, they are forced to spend about $120,000 within their business before the first of the new year.
      When I first heard this, I was very concerned. But I remembered that last year, we started the same fund raising effort on Nov. 16th, and reached our goal just before the end of the year. We have about the same amount of time this year.
      This grant expires on January 1st, 2013, so the time is upon us.
      We have bills to pay next week, and Salary needs to address as well, so again ... time is of the essence.
      Can you help us?
      We urgently need your help right now. And it is really simple to do so.
      First off ... please stop now and pray about our work and our fund raising effort.
      Then, help us if you can. There are several ways for you to help. Some methods get to us faster than others.
      The fastest way to get funding to us is via Paypal. You can go to and make a donation quickly. It gets to us almost instantly, and allows us to put those funds to work within moments of your donation.
      You can also send a check to our oversight congregation. Just make the check out to “Church of Christ” and earmark it for “Operation Guyana” in the memo section. Then, send it to:
      Operation Guyana
      c/o Jacksonville Beach Church of Christ
      P.O. Box 51153
      Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240

      If you send via Paypal, we will know right away. If you opt to send a check, it would really be helpful if you dropped me an email to inform me. That way, we can keep a running tally of donations, and know how far we are from our goal.
      Please consider helping. I know this is a hectic time, and that funding is an issue for lots of us. This is an opportunity for us to raise an extra $10,000 that will certainly take a lot of pressure off of us.
      Thank you so much for your love and support.
      May God Richly bless you as we continue to work together for the cause of Christ!
      Yours in Christ,
      Steve DeLoach
      Director - Operation Guyana
      November 30, 2012

If you can help us, please contact me, donate on our website, or call me at (918) 625-1659.

You can even make out a check to the “Church of Christ,” earmark it for “Operation Guyana,” and send it to:

Operation Guyana
c/o Jacksonville Beach Church of Christ
P.O. Box 51153
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240

Pray about it right now, and help us make great things happen.

If you have questions, contact me now.

And thanks so much for all your help!

Your Brother in Christ,
Steve DeLoach
Director – Operation Guyana

To assist our general work here, please make any donation checks out to the CHURCH OF CHRIST. Mark the memo section of the check "for Operation Guyana."
      Mail to:

Operation Guyana
c/o Jacksonville Beach Church of Christ
P.O. Box 51153
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240

or donate online right here, right now

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